About Us

We are Mike, Sandra, Peter, Clancy - people with the passion and a vision to prevent unwanted pianos ending up in landfill. We also want to ensure that the piano, if it can't be restored to playing condition, is repurposed into unique handcrafted personal and home and business items, and any residual materials are recycled..

The modern piano was born around 1709 meaning piano craftsmanship skills are over 300 years old. The quality woods and timbers used in the construction of pianos may come from forests even older than that. Pianos can have upwards of 12,000 individual parts and weigh more than 225 kilograms (496 pounds). Sadly, up until now, when a piano is no longer wanted by its owner, it's final resting place has been in the rubbish tip.

Our mission is to contribute to environmental sustainability, facilitate the innovative, creative design of unique, personalised handcrafted products by skilled local artisans, and most importantly, preserve a pianos' rich heritage.