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Art, as in life, is a journey...

In the process of attracting creatives, artists, and crafts people of various disciplines to incorporate piano resources into their work, we've also adopted a few favourites along the way. Many beautiful collaborations have already been born with many more to come.


Eliska Rendlova

Introducing Eliska Rendlova, from Upcycled Art By Eliska. Originating in the Czech Republic, Eliska has brought European artistic flare and a hard work ethic to her new home here in Australia. She is a Melbourne-based artist who transforms discarded canvases into vibrant and unique works of art. She is passionate about sustainability and believes that everyone has a role to play in creating a better future for our planet. Eliska's latest creation, The Peacock, is a stunning upcycled artwork made from piano soundboard and hammers, finished with acrylic paint.

You'll also find Eliska's beautiful work hanging in our showroom in Braeside, Victoria located in south eastern coast of Australia.

You might have also noticed we featured the art on our homepage, helping us to tell the Pianos Recycled story of sustainability for now and into the future.


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