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Everything you need to know

Need assistance? The team at Pianos Recycled has compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you're looking for or need further help, feel free to reach out and contact us anytime.

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How can Pianos Recycled help me recycle my piano sustainably?
Email us with a couple of photos, location and description of piano access.

Are there any costs are involved or is it free?
There is a pickup and recycle fee that generally applies unless your piano is in exceptional condition or is a top brand.

What area do you service?
We service Melbourne and regional Victoria, with occasional interstate runs when numbers warrant it.

Do you pickup or do I need to transport my piano to you?
We arrange pickup of your piano ourselves.  Dropoffs accepted by pre-arrangement and a recycle fee applies.

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How does the process work?
Send us an email as above for pricing and time availability.  Once your pickup is booked in, we bring your piano in, assess it, and then store it for later deconstruction or refurbishment into a new future.

Why is recycling a more expensive option than dumping my piano in landfill?
Pianos that are staying as an instrument for rehoming first need to be fixed/cleaned/regulated/retuned.  Pianos to be recycled are deconstructed by hand into their many hundreds of components with metals sent to recyclers. Timber and parts are added to general stock and stored for later use by artisans etc.

What kind of things could I have made from my piano?
The range of things that can be made from a piano are limited only by your imagination – from large dining tables and cocktail cabinets to desks, hall tables and storage boxes to salt and pepper grinders, buttons and jewellery.  Click here to check out what has been made to date.


Can I keep track of how my piano is transformed if it is used to create new pieces?
If a piano is deconstructed to make new items, we carefully document and keep track via the unique serial number. There are many futures for unwanted pianos however, so keep in contact with us to find out how your pianos story continues.


Do you sell pre-loved pianos?
We have a range of discounted A440-tuned pianos that are certified as structurally sound and are available for immediate delivery.  A warranty, ongoing tuning and servicing is also offered.

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Do you accept trade-ins
Yes, on delivery of your new piano , we can pickup your old piano and recycle it

Can I hire a piano?
Yes, we offer low cost piano hire for 3-12 month periods, with a buyout offered at the end of each hire period.

Do you sell timber?
There is a huge range of antique and rare timbers, mainly veneered, and suitable for furniture making, woodturning and art and craft on display at our warehouse.

Do you sell piano parts?
We have brassware including ornate candelabra, medallions etc, ebony and ivory piano keys, vintage screws and hundreds of other rare and specialised piano parts in our warehouse shop.

Can I get a FREE piano for my school?
Yes you can - simply email “PREPS” to along with the school name and we will forward the details.

Do you have Pianos Recycled Gift Vouchers?

Yes we do! Email us here with more details and we will custom create a voucher for your recipient for any amount.

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We believe that EVERY unwanted piano deserves a better future than ending up in landfill.

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