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Pianos make playgrounds come alive

Pianos Recycled has partnered with Hendry Pianos, in creating a unique sustainability initiative to provide classic pianos for your school playground FREE OF CHARGE*
We invite you to join us in creating a sustainable future for pianos, bringing “old school” charm to your exterior student spaces with pianos that are A440 tuned and certified, structurally sound.

*Our “adopted” playground pianos are supplied FREE. Contact us to find out any associate costs such as tuning and metro/regional delivery


Inviting All Schools...

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PREPS News Story

PREPS News Story

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Program for Recycled Educational Pianos in Schools

"We have had so much interest and good feedback from the piano in the yard. The students are loving getting on there each day""

Carlos Gomez - Buckley Park College

"Our pianos remain extremely popular… and I am in awe most days of how so many kids know the tune to ‘Baby shark’…"

Shirley Fletcher, Assistant Principal - Hallam PS

"The piano looks great. Nice to have one that was manufactured in Melbourne. It should be a great addition to the school.
Lots of girls playing and people tinkling as they go past. Exactly what that space needed. The piano is going very nicely thanks. In the perfect position and being used a lot."

Bernard Hickey, Music Learning Leader - Killester College

"Thankyou again for the pianos, they have really made a difference already! Students have been playing them day after day."
Ben Smith, College Vice Captain of St Bede’s College - Mentone.

"The Odeon is very much appreciated by our year 8 students"
Robert Fell - Altona College

"Patsy Playotone is going along very tunefully thankyou.  The surrounding hills are alive with her melodies – even on the weekends when neighbours come in to belt out a tune. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done for the school students and the community."

Julienne Hyams - Knox Central Primary School

"I hope we can have the students enjoying the sounds and wellness that these beautiful instruments provide."
Roby Correli - Brunswick North Primary School

"We have had so much interest and good feedback from the piano in the yard. The students are loving getting on there each day"
Carlos Gomez - Buckley Park College

"Just sending you an update on Veronica. The students are loving having her here. Every day, before school, recess, lunch and even after school students are gathering around her and playing. They even sneak a tinkle on her between classes and during class time. Without a doubt it was a fantastic decision to get her."
Louise Gaynor - Buckley Park College

Keysborough PS
School name
School name

"I'm so excited for the students to enjoy this beautiful instrument."
Milica Stefanovic, Music Teacher - Bell Primary School

"She’s thriving 👏 Many thanks"
Sarah Cornish, Performing Arts Teacher - School of the Good Shepherd

"The piano has arrived and we love it! We're spreading the word about you : ) "
Katie Flaxman - PREPS Family

"I can honestly say today is one of the best days I have had in a very long time. It is one thing to go to people’s houses and ask awkwardly if I can play on their piano, it is another thing entirely to see it just sitting there in my lounge room. My youngest has taken over, (as I suspected) but that’s OK as I will have it when they are at school. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. It is greatly appreciated."
Christine Trastelli - PREPS Family

"The piano has brought a lot of joy to the school."
Simone Sky, Corpus Kristi PS Glenroy

"I don’t know if my school community will lynch me  -  the kids were still playing their new piano at 4pm and not wanting to go home!!!"
Julienne Hyams - Knox Central PS

"The children are loving the PREPS piano, we have discovered that some children have some piano playing talents. Lunch and recess there are starting to be some lovely tunes played."

Matthew Stead, Principal - St. Augustine's Primary School Yarraville

"Our Piano has been a fantastic addition to the school, so thank you so much! "
Kelly Kerr, Music Programme Co-ordinator - Trinity College Colac

"Billy Beale is travelling well! The boys love playing him before school, after school, recess and lunchtime! He has been a huge hit!"

Hayley Blakiston - Brighton Grammar 

"Thank you so much again for your beautiful pianos. We have been loving to listen to some super talented kids playing it, some of them so gifted." 

Elena Tolchenova - Business Manager Dinjerra Primary School

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