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A fresh start to the Year

Updated: Mar 14

On behalf of my partners Sandra and Peter, and the team here at Pianos Recycled, welcome to our new website and in particular this feature, our new blog!

As a socially-minded enterprise engaged in several industry sectors (sustainability, waste management, environment) and as an emerging example of the new circular economy, our working week is regularly broken up with little pieces of the unusual or exceptional that we can share with you.   
Discovering rare instruments, showing off the fantastic skills of our team of artisans, the ongoing difficulties faced by small business operators in our sphere, our frustration at the lack of assistance from local and State governments - all will be on the table.   

So, we shall see where that takes us.  Thanks for joining us on the journey, your support and patronage keeps us going, and makes it all worthwhile.

And if you think you could spare the price of a coffee every month, we invite you to check out our new Patreon membership page and formally join our sustainable community.

Mike H

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