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Picture is for illustration only. Timbers will vary by piano maker and the size of the host piano. Every veneered board will be unique with its own characteristics.


Materials: Hardwoods

Size range: 1300–1500mm Long X 300–400mm Wide X 20-35mm Thick. Minimum 0.39m2

Weight: 7-10kg

Price$66 (Incl. GST) each


Large range of veneered or plain wood boards. Selected by master furniture makers for their piano casing. Air-dried 80-140-year-old air dried timber. Great for any project requiring high quality board materials sustainably sourced, guaranteed provenance, and/or heritage value.


Purchase individually or in pairs (Please add comment with your purchase order if matching pair required).


PICK UP ONLY so you get to choose the ideal board.


For further advice regarding your specific size requirements and availability:



Hardwoods are primarily used for the body and framing of the piano as they are hard wearing, smooth but also so not compromise the sound quality.


Various woods are used to make the outer casing and lid. These range from more expensive woods such as maple, mahogany, rosewoods, Brazil woods, or ebony woods.


You can expect less expensive pianos' outer casing or cabinet to be crafted out of the woods, such as birch, fir, oak, or mahogany.



  • Pictured product is for illustration only. All our products are handmade and while they will closely resemble the item in this picture, the product you purchase will be unique with its own individual characteristics.


  • We stand by our craftsmanship at Pianos Recycled and hold our production of custom pieces to the highest of standards. We believe you'll be thrilled with your unique piece, but if you have any concerns please contact us for immendiate assistance.

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