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Antique veneer piano front panel (Simple panelling)


Width (typical range): 120-125 cm

Height (typical range): 50-55 cm

Price: $99 (incl GST) each


These pictures, while of Pianos Recycled stock, are for illustrative purposes only as some of these panels may have been sold. Pianos Recycled has a large range at our Braeside warehouse for your inspection.


Great quality, good condition.


From the front of a piano above the fallboard (top panel) and below the keyboard (bottom panel).


Usually veneered with 150-200 year-old European or North American timbers. The inner core is often birch, fir, spruce or poplar.


Some panels feature hand worked marquetry, inlays, carving, brassware and/or moldings according to the fashion of the period in which they were made. The arts and craft movement which started in the United Kingdom in the middle of the 19th century spurred a market for decorative design and this appears in many pianos made in that era.


Decoration known as fluting (parallel grooves along the edges of the case) was popular until the 1920’s. German panels feature square/rectangular moldings like picture frames.


While some pianos built in the 1910-30’s period feature art deco styling, modern pianos tend to have no panel decoration.


Shop and pick up from our warehouse only.



Many different types of wood are used in an American or European piano for various parts. These include birch, maple, fir, oak, mahogany, ebony, spruce, cherry, walnut, rosewood and many other exotic woods.


Australian piano makers like Wertheim and Beale used local timbers such as cedar, Queensland walnut, Victorian Ash, Queensland silky oak, and rosewood (Australian Rose Mahogany).


Pianos were built as both instruments and pieces of fine furniture to satisfy the demand from the rising middle class in nineteenth century western countries. Piano making businesses would employ not only specialist instrument makers but also skilled cabinet makers to handcraft the piano case and decorative moldings.



  • Pictured product is for illustration only. All our products are handmade and while they will closely resemble the item in this picture, the product you purchase will be unique with its own individual characteristics.


  • We stand by our craftsmanship at Pianos Recycled and hold our production of custom pieces to the highest of standards. We believe you'll be thrilled with your unique piece, but if you have any concerns please contact us for immendiate assistance.

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