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Size: H 100mm x W 45mm (base diameter).


These salt and pepper shakers make a stylish addition to any table setting and are a great gift (if you can bear to give them away).


Shakers don't just add flavor to food — they add flavor to conversations, ambience, and the table they call home. Just like the piano used to make these did.


Hand-turned on a wood lathe by a local artisan, the shakers have a synthetic bung for the refill hole but the high-quality wood used in their crafting has been reclaimed from unwanted pianos that are at least 90 years-old. Our salt-shakers have one hole, the pepper shaker has three holes.


Like the invention and evolution of the piano, variations on salt-shakers go back hundreds of years and interestingly, their popularity parallels that of the heyday of pianos. The earliest known commercial salt-shaker by inventor John Mason (who also invented the mason jar) debuted in 1858 which is the same period of time a budding piano industry was emerging in Australia. Despite the shaker’s revolutionary design, it still took more than 60 years for them to break into the mainstream and become the kitchen table staple they are today. (Pianos were also the most popular instrument for entertainment at this time.) As people were accustomed to using pepper with salt it didn't take long for salt-shakers to spawn pepper shakers, capitalizing on their co-dependent culinary relationship.


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1. Pictured product is for illustration only. All our products are handmade and while they will closely resemble the item in this picture, the product you purchase will be unique with its own individual characteristics.


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