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Standard SOSS Size #203

Top face is 44.45mm (13/4 inches) 12.7mm (1/2”)

Wood screw size 3.5 x 25mm (#6 x 1”). Screws not included.


These SOSS hinges are reclaimed from unwanted pianos. Cast in heavy-duty zamak, some with a satin chrome patina, all hinges are in reusable condition and while ultrasonically cleaned they will bear the signs of previous use.


Easily installed with a drill in wooden doors and frames, this versatile hidden hinge offers exceptional strength, security and smooth operation.


These hinges place the weight on multiple moving pivot points within the hinge body so it can bear heavy loads. It seats flush in a deep mortise to resist sagging, remaining inconspicuous and tamper-resistant when closed. The interlinked laminated steel plates move smoothly and silently, opening 180°.


While crossing the Pacific in 1903, an itinerant Romanian-born bricklayer and contactor named Joseph Soss tripped over a protruding hinge on the ship’s cargo hatch. That was his inspiration to invent the legendary “invisible” Soss hinge, which soon turned up on Singer sewing machines, Otis elevators, Burroughs adding machines, Ford Model T automobiles, and player pianos.


While some experienced cabinet makers swear by traditional piano hinges for hidden doors, the SOSS hinges look more professional.



  • Pictured product is for illustration only. All our products are handmade and while they will closely resemble the item in this picture, the product you purchase will be unique with its own individual characteristics.

SOSS Piano Hinge - 44.45mm (1 3/4")

$19.40 Regular Price
$15.52Sale Price
  • We stand by our craftsmanship at Pianos Recycled and hold our production of custom pieces to the highest of standards. We believe you'll be thrilled with your unique piece, but if you have any concerns please contact us for immendiate assistance.

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